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26 OCTOBER 2023

We cordially extend our warmest invitation to experience the sheer wonder of the illustrious King Tyra!

The live performance is scheduled for Thursday the 26th of October 2023 in the stunning, vibrant cultural French Quarter of New Orleans. Join us at the highly esteemed and sophisticated American Townhouse, and be swept away by the irresistible charm and charisma that King Tyra is internationally renowned for. Our delightful Evening Tea Pre-Party and Meet/Greet offers a unique opportunity to interact with King Tyra up close and in person before heading into the main event. Unwind, revel, and experience the magic of an unforgettable show, as King Tyra and her entourage take to the stage in a spectacle of entertainment and artistic prowess. join us for a night of music, laughter and enchantment!


King Tyra’s Evening Tea Pre-Party and Meet/Greet is the perfect opportunity to get up close and cozy with the one and only King Tyra! Join us on the stunning courtyard as the Sun sets and indulge in some refreshing drinks while relaxing in the company of royalty. Capture the moment with lots of photos with King Tyra and cherish those memories forever, making this a memorable night that you won’t forget! The atmosphere will be buzzing with excitement and laughter, so don’t miss out on this incredible event. 



General Admission doors will open promptly at 8pm in the upstairs showroom. Seating for this event is open and available on a first come first served basis. Unfortunately, due to high demand, we are limited in the amount of seating we can provide, so we encourage you to come early and secure a prime spot. Whether you prefer sitting up close or viewing the stage from a distance, we guarantee that the experience will be unforgettable.  


King Tyra’s show is an extraordinary presentation that showcases a variety of performances, including her own mesmerizing talents, alongside the exceptional skills of New Orleans’ finest performers. The audience is in for pure magic and wonder as they witness an evening of unforgettable illusion that is sure to leave them captivated and wanting more. Prepare to be completely dazzled as King Tyra shares her unique vision and artistry with the audience and brings together some of the most talented drag performers to present a show that truly embodies the essence of illusion and entertainment.


Event is private, so a ticket is required for entry. Attendees must be 18+ years old, and responsible for adhering to the 21+ drinking age limit. You can reserve tickets conveniently through our system, and no printed proof of purchase is needed – your name will be added to the guest list upon completion of your order. All sales are final and guest using Apple or Google Pay will receive an order confirmation via email within 48 hours of purchase. In case of event cancellation, ticket holders will receive an automatic refund. Food and beverages will be provided by American Townhouse, and their menu can be found here.

The Venue



1012 North Rampart Street New Orleans, LA 70116

American Townhouse in the French Quarter is the perfect destination for Club Tyra’s memorable experience! Their extensive and diverse menu guarantees an option for every palate, ranging from appetizing vegetarian options to innovative pub fare and seasonal gourmet dishes crafted from premium locally sourced ingredients. At Club Tyra, American Townhouse will offer an impeccable event menu and beverage service for the special occasion. Join the multitude of residents and tourists who have already made American Townhouse their favored destination for delectable cuisine and exceptional ambiance. American Townhouse’s newly renovated venue is conveniently located right on the Rampart Streetcar Line.

Are you ready to experience the enchanting beauty of King Tyra?

Club Tyra offers two amazing ways to witness the majestic aura of King Tyra! With options to choose from, you will definitely find the perfect way to explore and immerse yourself in the splendid world of King Tyra. Take your pick between Spectator or Ultimate Fan and embark on a journey that you will never forget! Choose your fate and discover the magnificent charm of King Tyra!

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